DJ Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Ultimate DJ Gift Guide

If you’ve got a DJ in the family or you partner is a DJ and struggling for a gift? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you. There are plenty of DJ gifts out there on the market that will put a smile on any DJs face.

DJ controllers, DJ cases, artwork, DJing t-shirts and live stream equipment, you name it’s all on the list.

Check out the ultimate DJ gift guide from Beatmatch Guru below and get inspired this Christmas. Merry Christmas all!


For the Beginner DJ


Numark Party Mix

Numark party mix DJ controller

CLICK HERE for Numark Party Mix

A great beginner DJ controller for the aspiring DJ. Very basic in nature, easy to get to grips with and setup. The Numark Party Mix DJ controller connects to a laptop to control the DJ music that is played. The software on the laptop that’s required is Serato DJ Lite which is usually included.

Amazing feature for the party style DJ is that there’s some colourful lights that shine out the back of the DJ controller, great for the hobby DJ.

Price is less than $100 (£90) which is reasonable for a beginner DJ controller, considering a more advanced DJ controller can cost at least 6 times this and more.

Pioneer DDJ-200

Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ controller

CLICK HERE for Pioneer DDJ-200

Another great starting DJ controller for the beginner DJ who’s got a lot more interest in progressing as a DJ.

The amazing thing about the Pioneer DDJ-200 is due to the fact that a beginner DJ can connect the DJ controller to their Smartphone to use DJ software for DJ mixing music. Of course it’s possible to use a laptop too.

Multiple DJ software is compatible with the DDJ-200 DJ controller from Pioneer, including Rekordbox, WeDJ, DJAY and edjing Mix.

You can’t go wrong with this lightweight and compact DJ controller. Don’t be fooled by how small this DJ controller is, the buttons and functions are all a beginner DJ requires to gain the skills to become a great DJ.

DJ Carry Case

CLICK HERE for DJ Carry Case

Compatible with the Numark Party Mix.

CLICK HERE for DJ Carry Case

Compatible with the Pioneer DDJ-200.

Gift your DJ to look after their DJ controller then why not consider a DJ carry case. It’s the easiest way to protect the quality of the DJ controller without getting any damage or dust on it.

Think of it as a physical insurance to reduce the risk of having a damaged DJ controller that needs to be replaced. A great addition to any beginner DJ’s setup.

Carry cases like this one offer foam support on the inside to hold all the faders and EQ switches in place, plus the outside of the shell is hard enough to make sure no damage is to be done.

DJ Headphones

dj headphones

CLICK HERE for DJ Headphones

OneOdio over ear DJ headphones for the beginner DJ. The design is fantastic for a DJ due to how the headphones move and pivot for ease of use when actually DJing / storing.

Over ear headphones are more likely to be comfortable with softer ear padding than on ear headphones.

The connector is compatible for all DJing equipment due to having the option of a mini-jack or a larger jack connection.


For the Established DJ


Evermix Box for Recording DJ Sets

CLICK HERE for the Evermix Box

The Evermix Box is a fantastic bit of kit for the serious DJ that’s looking to record DJ sets on a regular basis. The Evermix Box allows DJs to record onto their phone and submit straight to social media too.

Priced around the £100 mark, the value a DJ can get out of this audio interface is amazing.

Recording onto the phone with the Evermix recording app gives great control over the quality of the mix with no audio quality issues.

The Evermix box is a great addition to help in the live streaming setup too by sending the right signals to the laptop for streaming audio and playing out through the DJ speakers.

Phone Stand for Recording DJ sets / Live streaming

CLICK HERE for Phone Stand

This is a great bit of kit to help aspiring DJs live stream online e.g. on YouTube, Mixcloud Live, Twitch or Facebook.

Connecting to a desk or shelf with an easily screw lock clamp, the stand clamps onto a smartphone allowing DJs to easily use the phone as a webcam providing the live video when DJing live.

Easily shapes and bends into position and is rugged enough to not break. A quality product which can be used for other purposes other than DJing too.

DJ Gig Protector Bag

Gig travel bag for DJs

CLICK HERE for Gig Protector Bag

This DJ gig protector bag is something that all DJs that are looking to get DJing out in bars, parties and clubs.

Even at home this bag is a great way to store all DJ equipment from cables, adaptors, spare headphones and laptops.

Green Screen

Green screen for live streaming DJing

CLICK HERE for Green Screen

A green screen sounds like something out of the movies but I can assure you that this is something that is becoming a standard for a lot of DJs that are DJing online these days.

Green screens can form part of the live streaming setup, allowing DJs to use software call OBS to add amazing videos and graphics in the background while they DJ.


For Any DJ (Funny & personalised Gifts)


Yoda DJ T-Shirt

CLICK HERE for DJ Yoda T-Shirt

DJ and Starwars fan? Then this is the t-shirt for you. A perfect gift for a DJ with a sense of humour too.

Check this t-shirt out on Etsy for a super reasonable price at around £9.95.

Posters of Favourite DJs

DJ Poster of DJ EZ

CLICK HERE for DJ Posters

Artwork is always a great Christmas present for DJs in my opinion. It’s a great way to decorate the DJ booth in your own home to give it that DJ vibe in the room.

This is one of many Boiler Room inspired DJ posters in a frame. DJ EZ is my personal favourite, but there are other DJs available on this Etsy store, including Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Andy C and Wilkinson.

Headphone stand or Hanger

CLICK HERE for Headphone stand

A fantastic and brilliantly stylish DJ headphone stand. This is the gift that will help save DJ headphones from breaking and look stylish in the process.

At least a DJ will know where their headphones are when on the stand. A great gift for any Dj.

Crazy Designed Vinyl Slipmats

CLICK HERE for Slipmats

Still Dj with record Vinyls? Then a custom print DJ slipmat might be the perfect present to give this Christmas.

There are so many designs available on Etsy is ridiculous. From classic artwork, to pizzas and even club rave related images.

Some custom and some just damn right crazy, see below more examples of some great designs to choose from. Click on the link above to see a whole range.

Related Questions

What is a good gift for a DJ?

A good DJ gift is a gift a DJ needs instead of wants. Usually a DJ has most of the the essential pieces of equipment such as a pair of headphones and DJ controller / CDJs & mixer, plus speakers too. If not, then this is a good place to start. Compliment the fundamental DJ equipment with headphone case, DJ equipment case, laptop stand, USB drives or music (subscriptions or downloadable music voucher).

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