Best Digital Vinyl Systems: Interfaces & DVS Mixers

DJ DVS setup

There are only a few brands that offer DVS enabled DJ equipment out there. My choice of brand of DJ software is Serato as I know that software the best, and it’s only natural for me to gravitate to Serato endorsed DJ equipment.

I really enjoy Serato, I really feel they do the job well with DJ software and have progressed their technology over the years. I really appreciate that in a technology company, especially in the DJ equipment market.

If you’re new to the DVS setup then I personally feel this is a great time because DJ mixers are and have been available for a while now with DVS compatibility.

Here are my top recommendations when it comes to Digital Vinyl System enabled gear. I’ve owned Serato gear and have also tried some demo DVS mixers as I already have the Rane SL2 Serato DJ Interface.

Top Recommendations: DVS Interface & Mixers

  • Rane SL4 Digital DJ Interface – Starting with the DVS interface by Rane with Serato. This DJ Interface has served me well over the years allowing me to enjoy mixing both record vinyls and the digital time coded vinyls via Serato DJ. Of course the Rane interface is linked up via USB to the laptop, you can easily expand your music library very easily at a lower cost to record vinyls.
  • AKAI Professional AMX – I was very impressed at the weight and dimensions of this DVS mixer by AKAI. I couldn’t recommend this more as DJ interfaces can be awkward to setup and don’t really sit well behind a mixer and turntables. Serato enabled, which is always a bonus for the Serato enthusiasts like myself.
  • Pioneer DJM-250MK2 – Slightly larger than the AKAI AMX model, there are a couple of extra features that truly set it apart from other DVS mixers.

Why I use the ‘Rane SL4 Digital DJ Interface’

The Rane SL4 really does have an edge over DVS enabled mixers. The DVS interface is amazing for DJs looking to play at multiple gigs. It’s so practical for DJs looking to play a gig where DJ equipment already exists at the venue. Although slightly daunting to get used to the wires upon setup, once overcome that, it’s easy to transition over to DJ setup you’re working with.

Portability to Gigs – Small, light and practical. In comparison to hauling around a mixer, the Rane DVS interface has the advantage. The portable bag that comes with the interface is super helpful for going from gig to gig.

2 X Laptop Ports – Ease of transitioning over to another laptop. If you’re DJing with other DJs on a specific club night then the two laptop ports make it super easy for the music to flow from one DJ to another.

4 X Turntables – Ability to plugin four turntables is one of the most important aspects of this interface. It offers you the flexibility to create a larger DJ setup or plug into 4 turntables if you’re playing at a gig.

Why I Would Buy the ‘Pioneer DJM-250MK2’

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the AKAI Professional AMX for its size and weight for portability reasons. What put me off is that AKAI have made it in mind to be connected with other devices made by AKAI for performance.

I like minimalism so I prefer less equipment to deal with. The other aspect is that the AKAI mixer doesn’t have FX controls which the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 has.

The final point is that the Pioneer mixer allows for someone like me to enjoy the mixer being standalone allowing for normal record turntables to be play along side DVS enabled vinyl or CDJs.

AKAI Professional AMX: Final Thoughts

AKAI Professional is by far the cheapest DVS mixer out there, the lightest and the smallest. All positive things to consider for taking to various gigs.

So it will save you money and be light to carry, all sounds like a dream! The aspect to this that you’ll need to consider is that it’s DVS focussed and not a standalone mixer.

Having said that, a lot of DJs today purely DJ with just digital and not vinyl. Therefore the AKAI making for a great purchase for the digital DJ.

Great value at a great price.