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Best Digital Vinyl Systems: Interfaces & DVS Mixers

Here are my top recommendations when it comes to Digital Vinyl System enabled gear. I’ve owned Serato gear and have also tried some demo DVS mixers as I already have the Rane SL2 Serato DJ Interface.

Why Buy the ‘Pioneer DJM-250MK2’

I like minimalism, so in practical terms prefer less equipment to deal with. The other aspect is that the AKAI mixer doesn’t have FX controls which the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 has.

The final point is that the Pioneer mixer allows for someone like me to enjoy the mixer being standalone allowing for normal record turntables to be play along side DVS enabled vinyl or CDJs.

Key Features:

  1. High-quality sound: The DJM-250MK2 has a 64-bit digital signal processor that delivers crisp and clear sound. This ensures that your mixes sound professional and polished.
  2. Two-channel mixer: This mixer has two channels, which makes it a great size to fit onto your mixing desk easily (some 4 channel mixers are too wide for some mixing desks), each with a simple and easy to use 3-band EQ and a trim knob.
  3. Magvel crossfader: The Magvel crossfader is highly responsive and durable, making it perfect for scratching and cutting. It also has adjustable curve settings, so you can customise it to your preference.
  4. Sound colour FX: The DJM-250MK2 has four sound colour FX, including filter, noise, dub echo, and sweep. These effects can be applied to each channel, allowing you to add creative flair to your mixes.
  5. Rekordbox DJ software compatibility: The mixer is fully compatible with Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ software, allowing you to easily access and manipulate your music library.

Overall, the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 is an excellent mixer that offers a range of essential features for any DJ. It has a high-quality sound, responsive crossfader, and a range of effects that can help elevate your performances to the next level.

If you’re a hobby or professional DJ looking for a reliable and versatile mixer, the DJM-250MK2 is definitely worth considering.

Why Buy the ‘Rane SL3 / SL4 Digital DJ Interface’

The Rane DVS interface really does have an edge over DVS enabled mixers. The DVS interface is amazing for DJs looking to play at multiple gigs. It’s so practical for DJs looking to play a gig where DJ equipment already exists at the venue.

Although slightly daunting to get used to the wires upon setup, once overcome that, it’s easy to transition over to DJ setup you’re working with.

Portability to Gigs – Small, light and practical. In comparison to hauling around a mixer, the Rane DVS interface has the advantage. The portable bag that comes with the interface is super helpful for going from gig to gig.

2 X Laptop Ports – Ease of transitioning over to another laptop. If you’re DJing with other DJs on a specific club night then the two laptop ports make it super easy for the music to flow from one DJ to another.

4 X Turntables – Ability to plugin four turntables is one of the most important aspects of this interface. It offers you the flexibility to create a larger DJ setup or plug into 4 turntables if you’re playing at a gig.