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Review of BPM Supreme Record Pool

BPM Supreme is one of many different record pools out there on the internet, which can make it hard to understand which record pool to pick and use as a DJ.

This article will allow you to make a clear decision on whether BPM Supreme’s record pool is the right option for you. Let’s get stuck into BPM Supreme’s record pool and see what it has to offer.

What is a DJ record pool?

A DJ record pool is a platform that allows DJs to download as much music as they like in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, e.g. $19.99.

It’s a beneficial service for working DJs such as wedding DJs, mobile DJs, Club DJs and Podcasters. If you’re a hobby DJ or aspiring club DJ then record pools are great to start building up your music collection.

Compared to downloading music on or Amazon for example, DJ record pools such as BPM Supreme offer “supreme” value. Say for example you buy 20 tracks off, that usually costs around $20. Compared to a record pool you’ll likely pay around $20 on average and easily download around 50 to 100 tracks in a few days.

BPM Supreme Current Pricing

Currently there are two plans available, both starting at $9.99 for the first month.

Thereafter either Standard plan at $19.99 and Premium at $29.99.

See below for the different features of premium vs standard.

I’ve signed up to Premium and the biggest benefit of Premium I can see is the curated playlists from other people / DJs etc which gives you a playlist of potential tracks you can start DJing with and draw inspiration from.

Music Genres

BPM Supreme offers music within categories such as:

  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Dance
  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • Techno
  • Rock
  • Trance
  • Trap
  • Tropical House
  • Alternative
  • Deep House
  • Drum & Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Disco
  • Grime
  • Hardcore
  • Hardstyle
  • Pop
  • And the list goes on...

Other categories that you’ll find useful if you’re looking to expand your DJing skills and uniqueness include, ‘Instrumentals‘ ‘Acapellas‘, ‘DJ Tools‘, ‘Scratch Tools‘ and ‘Drum Loops‘.

Seasonal type of music is featured too for those more open format DJ types, such as ‘New Years‘, St. Patricks Day‘, ‘Thanksgiving‘, ‘Valentines Day‘ and ‘Christmas‘.

Which DJs suit BPM Supreme?

All DJs!

In my honest opinion, any DJ, whether it be hobby or professional working DJs, can have a lot of fun delving into BPM Supreme.

Hobby DJs would certainly benefit from download some core tracks that they want to start DJing with straight away, especially as a first time user of BPM Supreme the cost is $9.99. Due to the nature of paying a subscription and then download to your hearts content, it’s a great way for any type of DJ to grow technically and musically.

Professional DJs, especially DJing open format offers a great range of music to expand and meet your audience’s demands. There’s a fantastic range to get stuck into indepth or dip your toe into to try out a new genre you’ve not DJed before.

Great Features

  • Searching by mood within a genre – There are certain tags and fields that you can see in the search results in BPM Supreme such as tempo, key and date of release, also mood. Mood is a great option to search for music because if you know the energy of music that you want in your DJ set, you can filter on the search research within a specific genre. Great for finding the music that you want ASAP.
  • Remixes are a plenty – being a DJ requires you to stand out from the crowd, and BPM supreme allows you to do that as there are plenty of remixes of your favourite crowd pleasing tracks. This is a fantastic feature of BPM Supreme that will allow you to spice up your DJ sets and make them more interesting.
  • Find similar – if you’re still researching a style of music and want to delve into a particular sound, then the ‘Find Similar’ function allows you to identify music tracks that are similar to a specific track that you like.
  • Serato Pre-flipped tracks – Serato have teamed up with BPM Supreme allowing DJs who use Serato to download tracks and once uploaded to Serato, cue points are already available for use. Serato flipped tracks allows you to create your own edits of tracks for further creativity. Check out this article for more details.
  • Cancel anytime 72 hours prior to your monthly subscription renewal date. A great feature if you want to get out of the contract as quick as possible.

Poor features

  • Mobile app – I’ve found it much easier to use my laptop instead of using the mobile app to search for and download music. Not that the mobile app is rubbish, but the speed in which I can find music on the laptop browser is much quicker for me personally.
  • Limited tracks for some artists/genres – for some artists that I’ve been searching for music, there was some limited range of the back catalogues which is annoying but you can still get hold of some of the core tracks. I’ve personally found that some genres are limited in quanity and range, such as Drum & Bass music.

Using and searching for tracks on BPM Supreme for DJing

Spotify Playlists

For me, because I know the genres I want to DJ, such as House and Drum & Bass music.

I followed a process whereby I opened up Spotify playlists I’ve curated and went through BPM Supreme search bar and built up a crate in which I bulk downloaded once I was satisfied I had all the tracks I wanted.

Do note that House and Drum & Bass is limited in range of music, so what I did was to combat this is make a list of music I didn’t manage to download from BPM Supreme.

From there I searched on Beatport, Soundcloud Go+ and Amazon. This enabled me to find all the tracks I needed.

BPM Supreme Search

BPM Supreme search function is super helpful.

In some cases I searched for Genre, for example ‘House‘ and within the search criteria I whittled down the search by ‘Mood‘.

If you’re looking for original tracks only, then I’d advise to search and check off ‘HIDE REMIXES‘. This will eliminate remixes within the search results.

Once I added all the music to the final crate and was happy, I’d then download all music into a ZIP folder onto my laptop.

Final Thoughts

I definitely think if you’re a DJ looking to expand your music range and skills, a record pool such as BPM Supreme is a great way to start.

Click here to sign up and get started on BPM Supreme.

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