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About Us

Hey! Thanks for coming to visit Beatmatchguru.com.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Dan and I love DJing.

It’s my mission with Beatmatch Guru to be a hub for the world’s aspiring DJs to develop their skills and achieve their dreams as a DJ.

You can learn from a copious amount of topics on the blog, such as DJ Tips and How to Guides, but also you can get stuck into amazing YouTube tutorials and DJ Courses.

With plenty of DJ tips, tutorials, equipment and software advice you’ll be sure to pick up knowledge and advice to get you started on your DJing journey or refine your skills to become the type of DJ you want to be.

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Dan Dracott

I’m Dan Dracott. I’ve been DJing for many, many moons now. Since I was 15 years old I learnt to DJ on belt drive turntables mixing Garage and also Drum & Bass.

These days I’m DJing mostly on CDJs or my DJ Controller and Digital Vinyl System setup.

As a DJ and music producer I go by the name Resonate State, and mainly focus my efforts on DJing and producing House music inspired by artists such as Disclosure, Kryptogram, Djoko, Dam Swindle and COEO.

Personally, I feel that DJing is such an amazing feeling when you’re in the mix and in the zone, this is why I want to teach as many people how to DJ.