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DJ Mixer – Tried & Tested Recommendation

Why I Recommend & Picked the Behringer DJX900USB

  • Value for Money – When I saw the price of the Behringer DJX900USB in comparison to the Pioneer equivalent, I was shocked. I couldn’t physically move quick enough to purchase it, I love a bargain – especially one with value for money. The price comparison is vast, but seemingly the quality is not inferior at all. I highly advise purchasing this mixer, it’s so similar to the Pioneer DJM750MK2 which is in a lot of clubs, so it allows for great practice.
  • 5 Channels – Flexibility in adding extra turntables and grow your setup. Flick between Phono/Line/CD for vinyl, CD and DVS setups. This mixer gave me this option which I’ve utilised to include turntables and CDJs into my DJ setup.
  • FX – Great for adding some extra sounds into your mixing transitions. Gives a great opportunity to practice using FX, especially if there’s FX options on mixers in clubs. Gives you time to practice ready for a DJ performance live to a crowd.
  • USB connection – This a great feature, and have read online that this is a great and easy way to record your mixes straight onto the computer or laptop. Nice!
  • EQ options – Great EQing options both at channel level with knobs to allow for gradual transitioning in mixes and also kill switches for ‘High’, ‘Mid’ & ‘Low’ EQ. Great for quick cutting of basslines when mixing in new tracks.

DJ Mixer Buying Advice & Tips

  • Look after your mixer and it won’t break. My point being is that if you’re super rough with the crossfader, kill switching and channel gain/volume switches etc, you’ll likely damage the mixer. Therefore causing you annoyance in having to buy replacement crossfaders and switches for example.
  • Cleaning your DJ mixer often also increases the odds of longevity. Make sure you don’t have too much dust sitting on the DJ mixer for too long, it can get on the inside and potentially impact connections e.g. your channel faders.
  • Future proof! What I mean by this is really think about what you’re going to evolve into DJ equipment wise. Put into perspective, if you’re just starting out as a DJ and have a low amount of money, then consider value for money equipment and most importantly functionality. The Behringer 5 channel mixer highlighted above is value for money and gives you flexibility to have 4 turntables within your setup. So consider this before buying a 2 channel mixer, then later upgrading to a 4 or 5 channel mixer, you’ll likely spend more money in total. Savvy!
  • Connections & cables – as mentioned before, with all DJ equipment, check that you get the cables you need with the DJ mixer. If you don’t get the cables in the deal then seek to get your cables in the same order. This will save any delays for you to start mixing.
  • Measure you mixing area – 2 and 5 channel mixers are very different width dimensions. So measure up before you buy to save disappointment.