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LALAL.AI New v4Orion Review | Acapella AI Vocal Remover

Vocal acapella + DJ = AWESOME DJ MIXES

If you’re a DJ (or a producer for that matter) and you’re scouring the internet for vocal acapellas, then get excited, has the right tool to help you extract vocals from your favourite tracks. Plus they’ve updated their online vocal remover tool with a new AI model.

The latest AI model is called… V4 Orion.

Put simply, it’s amazing!

Previous versions were Rocknet, Cassiopeia, Phoenix, which were great iterations for an online vocal removal too, but slightly lacked audio quality.

The latest version V4 Orion, on the other hand, has high quality audio which is so much clearer, smoother (less grainier) and remarkably better than the previous models that I’ve personally tested and used in the past (Phoenix model).

Currently the v4 Orion model only splits vocals, but is soon to be upgraded to split out instrument types in the future. If you’re a DJ, then be happy, you can upload any track onto the vocal remover tool, split vocals of your favourite track and get DJing creatively.

New features and Benefits

  • Faster vocal splitting processing (2x faster according to
  • 20x more power compared to previous Phoenix model
  • 70% cleaner extraction results e.g. less distortion, phasing and grainy sounds
  • Drop up to 20 tracks for batch processing at the same time

Read here for more in-depth details into the v4 Orion modelSource:

Testing the NEW V4 Orion model on (YouTube review)

Vocal splitting examples

Let’s see how has evolved over time with three examples taken from’s Soundcloud. When you hear the difference in the extracted vocals, it’s super clear that Orion is superior in quality and a clear winner. This gives you as a DJ the flexibility to use vocal acapellas in your DJ sets without compromising on quality.

Rocket Version

Phoenix Version

NEW V4 Orion Version

Why use vocal acapellas as a DJ?

Vocal Acapellas are a must-have in every DJ’s toolkit, and AI vocal remover tools give DJs that option.

You can make your mark as a DJ and elevate your sets with the power of Vocal Remover AI such as

Benefits for DJs

  • Increases creativity in your DJ mixes
  • Make cool bootlegs and remix music tracks for your DJ sets
  • Standout as a DJ online and live performances
  • Get booked more as a DJ as a result of point above
  • Build a larger following online by being more unique than other DJs
  • Great for starting DJ sets to build hype

Vocal acapellas used in DJ sets are becoming more common and a staple in professional live DJ sets.

Other benefits and use cases of using

Music producers

Reference tracks – music producers can easily separate out instrumentals and vocals to help use as reference tracks for when you’re creating a chord progression, melody or mixing down a track.

Remixing – gives you a great opportunity to remix songs, you don’t need to be a professional producer to do this. If you’re a DJ and have a few skills using Ableton then watch the below video to get started. Creating remixes as a DJ is another great way to stand out as a DJ and get noticed, remixing a song is one of the ways that James Hype become known as a mainstream successful DJ.

Video editors and content creators will allow video editors to quickly duck out vocals for layering instrumentals over their video content.

Secondly you can use to remove background noise from your audio too, giving your greater control over quality of the content that you’re launching on your socials.


What is the use of Lalal AI?

LALAL.AI is a next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy and precise stem extraction.

Is Lalal AI still free?

It’s possible to start off for free to try the service. You can upgrade to process more files and get results faster thereafter.

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