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LALAL.AI Review – Vocal Removal & Instrumentals for DJing

Are you looking for a tool to get just the vocals or an instrumental of a music track? It might be the case there are no vocal tracks out there to purchase and DJ with, which is frustrating right?

Look no further, LALAL.AI does that job. As the best vocal remover tool on the market, AI-powered I might add, you can gain the vocals and instrumental of any track in your DJ music collection. Let’s delve into a review of LALAL.AI and how DJs and music producers alike can utilise this tool.

Benefits as a DJ

  1. Create mashups & bootlegs
  2. Mix instrumentals and vocal acapellas
  3. Use vocals as samples when DJing live
  4. Create DJ Drops with vocal snippets
  5. DJ with Ableton Live using separate stems

Benefits as a Music Producer

  1. Referencing tracks for creative inspiration
  2. Check the frequencies of specific musical elements vs your music projects
  3. Listen carefully to specific elements for rhythm and harmonic key

Example of DJing with Vocals & Instrumentals using LALAL.AI

What is LALAL.AI?

It’s an artificial intelligence powered technology that allows DJs and Music Producers to separate elements of music tracks out. For example, upload a track, and within a matter of seconds you’ll hear a preview of just a vocal track and the instrumental (NO VOCALS).

Once you’re happy with the ‘preview’ simply process the audio tracks using the AI-technology, then download the tracks ready to use.

LALAL.AI has been created by computer scientists to help DJs, music producers, sound engineers and such like to achieve various musical goals.

How use LALAL.AI website

Simply navigate to the homepage here then select one of the options below, e.g. Vocal and Instrumental, wait for a ‘Preview‘.

You can always change the intensity of the AI working on the audio, for example:

  • MILD

This is why it’s beneficial to listen to a ‘Preview‘ before processing and downloading a file, as it can take some time.

Once you’re done, the choice is yours with how to use the separated STEMS e.g. vocals and instrumental.

Check out the below video to get an quick view on how to do this.

You can of course preview different elements compared to vocals, such as Drums, Piano and Synths for example.

I really like the idea of separating out Drums or Piano, it’s such a great tool to use in your DJ sets creatively as loops or mashing up tracks live or within a music production project in Ableton Live for example.


  • Creative DJing – It’s awesome for creative DJing, especially with separate musical elements of a track, especially an instrumental, minus the vocals. This is after all a vocal removal tool at heart.
  • Free to try out. And if you like what you’re achieving with LALAL.AI, it’s super affordable. You get 10 minutes of music track time, 50 MB of file uploads and MP3, OGG and WAV.
  • Easily upgrade to get more processing time and upload MBs. Plus get more file formats to choose from, such as video and audio formats too: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, AAC.
  • Great quality compared to other methods. Way better than previous vocal removal tools that I’ve used in the past. Check out my previous article on acapellas.


  • Frequency EQ changes sometimes compromise quality, e.g. on Piano sounds. Sometimes if the element of track, such as a Piano, being separated out from the instrumental changes frequency it can sound ever so slightly jumpy and less quality. Having said that, the Piano in its full frequency range is astounding. So DJs or producers could simply loop the good parts of a Piano and creatively play around with them in a DJ set.
  • Busy tracks can cause issues. If there are too many elements hitting within the frequency range of the particular element that you’re trying to separate, the quality can be slightly compromised, however I still do think the audio files are still highly usable for your DJ sets and music production references.

Tried and Tested Results

Test 1: John Summit – Thin Line

Recently I bought the Thin Line acapella, check out the DJ tutorial here. In comparison the quality is obviously like for like when listening to the vocals.

I tell you what though, the instrumental is really impressive and great if you want to add a different set of vocals on top of the instrumental e.g. create a mashup of Thin Line instrumental and add another vocal on top.

Test 2: MJ Cole Mix – Space Rider

Again similar to Test 1, the instrumental of this track is really impressive, and if you added some new vocals over the top of this then you’d hardly notice the ever so slight murmurs and reverb sounds of the vocals.

Test 3: Fred V & Grafix – Forest Fires

I noticed in the demo vocal vs instrumental preview split on the homepage of LALAL.AI was more of an instrumental track. Having a fairly unhealthy obsession for D&B music I remembered a really great track that had an acoustic sound to it with vocals too.

I can honestly say this was one of the best results from the test conducted to split out vocals and instrumental.

Test 4: James Silk – Needin’ You

In this test, the Piano was stripped out of the track and separated. This was purely to see what the quality was like and how it sounded.

If I’m honest I’m impressed with the quality, and in my mind it’s definitely an opportunity to sample part of the piano to loop in a DJ set e.g. using sampler pad or creating a loop to mix in with another track.

The only down side is that the AI doesn’t always pick up the piano if the frequency is swept from high to low, but still the quality of the piano is still usable.

Is Lalal.AI worth it?

YES! FREE of charge, you can test out LALAL.AI and get going separating out Vocals, Instrumentals, Piano, Synths and more. The quality is superior in quality when compared to other software tools or products out there on the market.

Is Lalal.AI free?

Yes, LALAL.AI has a basic option for free. Currently, 10 minutes free and 50MB file upload. Upgrade packages for around £10 to £20 to get you more minutes and MBs.

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